Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson

NC Career Coach - Gaston College

Name: Elizabeth Johnson

Advisor: Dr. Sara Juengst


B.A. Anthropology and Psychology, North Carolina State University, 2015

Research Interests:

Skeletal biology as an indicator of health; Trauma analysis; Human-environment interactions; Sociocultural responses to marginal environments; stable isotope analysis; climate change

Current Position:

I am currently a Youth Specialist with the NCWorks NextGen Youth Program at Gaston College. This is a federally funded grant program operating under the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act of 2014 that aids young adults in overcoming various barriers to employment. This is accomplished by offering basic & intense career services, as well as educational and career sponsorships and training. As a Youth Specialist I meet with individuals to develop a personalized career plan best suited for them to achieve their goals, and then aid them in doing so.