Dual Degree Program Information

The Dual Degree in Applied Medical Anthropology and Public Health with a specialization in Community Health Practice OR Epidemiology

The dual degree program in Applied (Medical) Anthropology and Public Health provides students the opportunity to bridge two complementary disciplines in an effort to understand and address public health issues from a holistic perspective. This program emphasizes the cultural and social dimensions of health and disease in an effort to effectively improve health outcomes. Students will be equipped to tackle health-related social justice issues including health disparities in local communities and abroad. We welcome applicants from other fields who have done some coursework in Anthropology. Areas of Interest include:

  • Ecology and Health
  • Local health care practices
  • Risk and vulnerability for disease
  • Preventative health practices
  • Ethnomedicine, alternative healing
  • Disease distribution
  • Health disparities
  • Health and human rights
  • Infectious disease distribution
  • Health systems management
  • Political economy of health (care)
  • Epidemiology
  • Community-based interventions
  • Maternal and child health
  • Nutrition and health
  • Race, place and health
  • Global Public Health
  • Health and ethics

This innovative curriculum allows students to complete both degrees in 3 years qualifying them to address health and disease issues in a variety of diverse contexts.

Potential graduate students must apply to both programs independently and indicate in each application they are applying for the dual degree program. Anthropology: https://anthropology.charlotte.edu/graduate/program-information/graduate-funding Public Health: https://publichealth.charlotte.edu For More Information: Dr. Sara Juengst Director of Graduate Studies Anth-grad@charlotte.edu