M.A. Degrees awarded by the department

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Ms. Alicia Messick earned the first M.A. degree in Anthropology at UNC Charlotte on May 11, 2013. She conducted an applied anthropology project for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Properties Commission, recording barns in the remaining rural areas of Mecklenburg County. Prof. Janet Levy was chair of Alicia’s committee.

Egor Isaichev, MA recipient

Egor Isaichev earned his M.A. degree in Anthropology at UNC Charlotte in July, 2013. He studied part of the Inca road system in Ecuador, using GIS and least cost analysis techniques. Dr. Dennis Ogburn was the chair of Egor’s committee.

James Comeaux earned his MA in Anthropology in Dec. 2013.James Comeaux earned his M.A. degree in Anthropology in December, 2013. He conducted research about the experience of freshmen on campus, with the goal of helping to improve retention. Prof. Gregory Starrett was the chair of James’s committee. Congratulations, James.

Other recent M.A. graduates:

Philip Blattenerger (2016), whose thesis was titled “Messages from the Heart: Agent Orange and Narrative Conflict in Contemporary Vietnam.” Dr. Gregory Starrett was chair of Philip’s committee.

Kathleen Bradley-Volz (2015), whose thesis was titled “Same-sex Parents’ Hypervisibility: Effects of Panopticism and Reactions to Increased Visibility.” Dr. Coral Wayland was chair of Kathleen’s committee.

Danay Downing (2014), whose thesis was titled “Gaze-Following, Social Monitoring, and Joint Attention in Great Apes: A Comparative Analysis of Visual Communication and Potential Implications for Cognition.” Dr. Diane Brockman was chair of Danay’s committee.

Michelle Gray (2015), whose thesis was titled “Latino Narratives of Education Experience in the Greater Charlotte Area.” Dr. Elise Berman was chair of Michelle’s committee.

Benjamin Johnson (2016), whose thesis was titled “Brunswick Town Colonoware: A Look at Form and Function.” Dr. Janet Levy was chair of Ben’s committee.

Noah Maximov (2016), whose thesis was titled “The Impact of Socialization on Collaborative Group Work: A Ritual Perspective.” Dr. Gregory Starrett and Dr. Peta Katz co-chaired Noah’s committee.

Jonimay Morgan (2016), whose practicum report was prepared for International House of Charlotte and titled “Social Support is Key to Integration: An Analysis of Immigrant-Focused Programming in the Nonprofit Sector.” Dr. Nicole Peterson chaired Jonimay’s committee.

Ryan Nooe (2015), whose thesis investigated a technique for evaluating remains of hallucinogenic drugs in artifacts from Chavin and other Andean cultures. Dr. Dennis Ogburn was chair of Ryan’s committee.

Sara Schooley (2014), whose final product was a report to a medical clinic serving uninsured clients, titled “Attitudes, Barriers, and Compliance: Applied Research at a Local Clinic for the Uninsured.” Dr. Nicole Peterson was chair of Sara’s committee.