James Robbins


James Robbins is a medical, feminist, and cultural anthropologist and adjunct professor with research interests in neoliberalism, decolonialism, healthcare ethnography, Latinx/e studies, language access, and gender. His recent project has focused on the relationship between subjectivity and performativity among nurses. Future research is focused on issues of language access among Latinx/e/Hispanic patients experiencing postpartum depression.


Feminist Theory

Four-field Anthropology

Economic Anthropology


BS in Economics

BS in Psychology

BA in Sociology

MA in Anthropology


Robbins, James., with Andrea Freidus and Lennin Caro. 2021. The Importance of Community in the Experiences of Frontline COVID-19 Nurses. SFAA Newsletter.

Robbins, J. & Freidus, A. 2022. Neoliberalism and Work-Life Balance Among COVID-19 Nurses. Under review in Human Organization

Robbins, J., Caro, L., & Freidus A. 2022. Beyond the Workplace: Examining Burnout Stressors among North Carolina Frontline COVID-19 Nurses. Under review in Journal of Advanced Nursing