Program Details

Course Requirements for all students

  • ANTH 6601, History of Anthropology (fall)
  • Two courses that focus on the subfields of anthropology
    • ANTH 6603 Theory in Cultural Anthropology (fall)
    • ANTH 6604 Issues in Archaeological Practice (fall - even years)
    • ANTH 6605 Evolutionary Theory (fall - odd years)
    • ANTH 6606 Language and Culture (fall - even years)
    • or approved substitute
  • One methods course:
    • ANTH 5122 Ethnographic methods (spring)
    • ANTH 5140 Methods in biological anthropology (spring - even years)
    • ANTH 5141 Bioarchaeology methods (spring)
    • ANTH 5453 Field project in archaeology (usually summer)
    • or other approved course

Additionally required of students in thesis option (18 hours)

  • 5 elective courses
  • ANTH 6910 Thesis Tutorial (spring of their first year)
  • ANTH 6920 Masters Thesis (fall of their second year)

Additionally required of students in practicum option (18 hours)

  • 4 elective courses 
  • ANTH 6611: Seminar in Applied Anthropology (fall)
  • ANTH 6400: Anthropology Practicum (spring of their first year for their proposal and fall of their second year for the report writing)

Additionally required of students in MA/MPH dual degree (48 hours)

  • 12 MPH courses
  • 2 elective courses
  • ANTH 6611: Seminar in Applied Anthropology (fall)
  • ANTH 6613: Medical Anthropology (spring)
  • ANTH 6400: Anthropology Practicum (spring of their second year for their proposal)

A GPA of 3.0 or better is required in all courses (with no more than one C grade) for successful completion of the program. Students may transfer in up to 6 credit hours, with approval of the Director of Graduate Studies. 

M.A. Students in Anthropology may earn elective credit in other programs at UNC Charlotte. Programs with relevant courses include the graduate programs in Africana Studies, Biology, Geography, Gerontology, Latin American Studies, Philosophy, Public History, Religious Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, and others.

The university offers several graduate certificate programs (12-15 credits) in fields that complement anthropology.  These can be taken at the same time as your M.A. degree; in some cases, a single course may be counted for both programs.  You may want to consider the Certificate in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies; the Certificate in Africana Studies, the Certificate in Gerontology, or the Certificate in Nonprofit Management.


Additional information

Download the Anthropology Graduate Studies handbook

Guidelines for the M.A. Capstone Project (thesis or applied project report)

More information on the profession of anthropology from the American Anthropological Association


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