The Danger of STEM Education Untempered by the Humanities

   February 25, 2023

UNC Charlotte's Niner Times contributor E. Alexander Zimmerman writes in a recent column about the dangerous devaluation of the humanities in the contemporary university. He quotes anthropologist Dr. Jonathan Marks's...

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Anthropology MA Graduate Produces New Feature Film

   February 5, 2023

Philip Blattenberger (MA 2016) has just released his second feature film, Condor's Nest (...

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Anthropology Graduate Student Explores the Local Heritage of Black Education

   December 9, 2022

Camille Richardson (Anthropology M.A. student) is recovering evidence about the daily lives of students in one of the few remaining Rosenwald School sites in North Carolina. She is leading...

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Anthropology Alumnus Publishes on Virtual Reality and Activism

   September 29, 2022

Alumnus and visual anthropologist Scott Wilson (B.A. 1995, Ph.D. Stanford U. 2005), currently Chair of the Department of Anthropology at Cal State University at Long Beach, has published an article in Anthropology News...

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Anthropology Junior Awarded North Carolina Campus Compact Community Impact Student Award.

   November 23, 2021

Congratulations to Nataly Hernandez Montes, who has been recognized as a student leader by the North Carolina Campus Compact for her commitment to community involvement. Montes, a member of the UNC Charlotte Bonner Leaders Program,...

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Anthropology Alumna Earns Fellowship in Afro-Latinx Studies at Dartmouth

   September 17, 2021

Vanessa Castaneda (B.A. Anthropology 2009) went on to earn an M.A. degree in Latin American Studies at New York University and a Ph.D. at Tulane. She has recently been awarded the Guarini Dean’s Postdoctoral Fellowship in Afro-Latinx and/or Afro-Latin...

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Anthropology Alumnus Co-Authors Paper on World Heritage Site

   September 3, 2021

Anthropology Department alumnus Seth B. Grooms (B.A. 2016), currently a Ph.D. student in archaeology at Washington University in St. Louis, has co-authored a paper in the journal Southeastern Archaeology on the ...

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Migration Research at UNC Charlotte

   August 30, 2021

Three upcoming workshops have been scheduled by the Migration Research Network at UNC Charlotte. Learn about the experiences of climate refugees, the effects of migration on language use, and the impact of emigration on local governance practices, as outlined by UNC Charlotte faculty in History, Anthropology, English, and Political Science...

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Archaeologist Evaluates New Research on the Inca Empire

   August 9, 2021

Dr. Dennis Ogburn was recently interviewed by Live Science about new research on the age of the prominent Inca site Machu Picchu in Peru. An authority on the site and its significance for Inca history, Ogburn explained that "As we are able to revise and...

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Encouraging "genetic literacy"

   May 19, 2021

Can genetic tests really provide us with firm insights into the kind of diet or fitness program that's best for us? Or even into our own national ancestry? Professor Jonathan Marks urges us to be skeptical of the claims...

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