Professor Jonathan Marks will be the first speaker of the academic year in the Personally Speaking series, sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Jon will speak about his book Why I am Not a Scientist: Anthropology and Modern Knowledge. This event will be held at the UNC Charlotte Center City building (320 […]

Ms. Alicia Messick earned the first M.A. degree in Anthropology at UNC Charlotte on May 11, 2013. She conducted an applied anthropology project for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Properties Commission, recording barns in the remaining rural areas of Mecklenburg County. Prof. Janet Levy was chair of Alicia’s committee. Egor Isaichev earned his M.A. degree in Anthropology […]

Ms. Danay Downing, an M.A. student focusing on primatology, published “Species and Habitat Variation in Activity Profiles Among White-Faced Capuchin and Black-Mantled Howler Monkeys” as the cover article in Anthro Journal (March 1, 2013). This article derives from her research during Summer, 2012 in Costa Rica, supported by the Maderas Rainforest Conservancy Scholarship for Education […]