Former Students

Abigail Bythell

Name: Abigail Bythell Advisor: Dr. Sara Juengst Education: B.A. Archaeology and Biology, The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, 2017 Research Interests: Paleopathology, social bioarchaeology, lifestyle embodiment, archaeology Current Research: My thesis research focuses on the paleopathology of skeletal remains from a prehistoric (100 BCE) ritual site on the southern coast of Ecuador.

Emilie Cobb

Advisor: Dr. Sara Juengst Education: BS Anthropology with a minor in Criminal Justice, Appalachian State University Research Interests: Paleopathology, bioarchaeology, human osteology, the Andes, identity in bioarchaeology Current Research: My current research involves the bioarchaeology of Valdivia culture tombs in Ecuador

Philip Corbett

Advisor: Dr. Lydia Light Education: BA Anthropology, University of North Carolina Charlotte, Spring 2019 Research Interests: Primate behavior and conservation, zoonotic disease, nocturnality Current Research: Zoonotic disease within urban non-human primates

Daniel Fogal

Name: Daniel Fogal Advisor: Dr. Elise Berman Education: B.A. English Language and Literature, Queens University of Charlotte, 2013 Research Interests: Language and identity; Family language policy in multinational households; Human-computer interaction Current Research: My thesis is centered around how family language policy differs in planning and in praxis amongst Taiwanese-American families in the United States […]

Autumn Hudock

Name: Autumn Hudock Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Marks Education: Early Entry Graduate Student with an expected graduation date of Spring 2019 Research Interests: Ancient DNA, human biology, molecular anthropology, paleopathology, paleoanthropology, bioarchaeology, osteology, and primate evolution Current Research:

Elizabeth Johnson

NC Career Coach - Gaston College

Name: Elizabeth Johnson Advisor: Dr. Sara Juengst Education: B.A. Anthropology and Psychology, North Carolina State University, 2015 Research Interests: Skeletal biology as an indicator of health; Trauma analysis; Human-environment interactions; Sociocultural responses to marginal environments; stable isotope analysis; climate change Current Position: I am currently a Youth Specialist with the NCWorks NextGen Youth Program at […]

Sydney Mattison

Name: Sydney Mattison Advisor: Dr. Andrea Freidus Education: BA Anthropology with a minor in Public Health, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Research Interests: Maternal health disparities, minority populations, health policy Current Research: Black birthing, resistance, and the contemporary doula

Ashley McDermott

PhD Student - University of Michigan

Name: Ashley McDermott Advisor: Dr. Elise Berman Education: BA Applied Anthropology and Political Science, UNC Charlotte 2015MA Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, UNC Chapel Hill 2017 Research Interests: Language socialization and language shift, language planning and policy, language and identity, anthropology of childhood Current Research: My current work examines how the use of Russian […]

Julia Mileski

Name: Julia Mileski Advisor: Dr. Dennis Ogburn Education: BA in Anthropology with a minor in Music, Wake Forest University Research Interests: Museum anthropology, artifact management and curation, place and belonging/ownership, socio-cultural impacts of museums in rural communities Current Research: How museums in small communities connect residents of their community to a collective historic and current […]

Ashley Shults

PhD Student - UC Riverside

Name: Ashley Shults Advisor: Dr. Sara Juengst Education: A.A. The Arts and Sciences Division, Gaston College, 2016 B.A. Anthropology, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, 2017 Research Interests: Bioarchaeology, the Andes, migration, mobility, human environment interaction, paleopathology Current Research: My current research utilizes isotopic and bioarchaeological lines of evidence to investigate migration and mobility during the […]